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Who Pays For Your Child’s College Expenses After Your New Jersey Divorce?

New Jersey is a state where parents who are financially able to pay for their children’s college education are expected to do so. Education is considered a necessity here as young adults prepare for a professional world of their own. Even when parents divorce, they still are expected to have some “skin in the game” when it comes to paying for their children’s higher education.

For nearly three decades, attorney John A. Patti with Patti Family Law has represented clients along the Jersey Shore. Our team works with individuals in Monmouth, Middlesex and Ocean counties. As part of a divorce settlement, we help ascertain each parent’s financial obligations regarding college expenses for their children.

The Courts Consider Many Factors

When looking at a person’s obligation to pay for their children’s college expenses, courts will review several factors, including:

  • Whether the parents – if they were still living together –  would have contributed to college costs
  • The parents’ ability to pay college expenses
  • The financial resources of each parent
  • The amount of money sought by the child to pay for college expenses
  • The financial resources of the child, including savings as well as assets in a trust
  • A child’s income earning ability during school years and extended vacations
  • Whether financial aid such as loans and grants is available for the child

New Jersey considers it to be your parental duty to help pay for higher education costs. Founding attorney John A. Patti is a skilled negotiator and experienced litigator. Ideally, he will lead negotiations related to parents’ responsibility in sharing college costs. But he also is not afraid to take your case to trial.

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Paying a child’s college expenses is one of many issues that must be considered during a divorce proceeding in New Jersey. For 28 years, Patti Family Law in New Jersey’s Monmouth County has represented clients along the Jersey Shore. We will guide you through the legal process.

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