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Single and divorced parents sometimes worry about how to provide financially for their children. They may scrimp and save, and still come up short in paying for the rent, food and their children’s needs. If you aren’t receiving child support payments from the other parent, it is essential that you pursue legal action right away.

For nearly 30 years, Patti Family Law of Monmouth County, New Jersey, has been one of the region’s top law firms in family law. Our solid legal knowledge and steady and guiding hand have helped many parents get the child support they deserve in divorce settlements or from their children’s other parent to whom they are not married. Aggressive and experienced, we will do our best to negotiate or litigate the best financial arrangement for you and your children.

Factors Determining Child Support Amount

The amount of child support is determined by several factors. Each parent’s income is taken into consideration. Physical custody remains a big part of it, too, as well as the number of overnight stays the child has with each parent. Health care expenses also must be considered.

Our team can help you answer questions such as “How will I receive child support payments?” and “When will I receive it?” Through our effective negotiating skills, we will ensure that you receive timely payments. We can pursue monthly payments. However, more ideal payments would be through wage garnishment. Here’s how it works: Garnishment orders are forwarded to the other parent’s employer, which withholds the amount of child support payments and then sends it directly to the other parent.

We can help in other areas, too. When life situations and the child’s needs change, we aggressively pursue modifications to the child support agreement. And when a parent falls behind in paying child support, we will aggressively take action.

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Our law firm understands the difficulties and challenges you may face. We will help you secure the child support that you deserve. Patti Family Law of Monmouth County is a reliable ally. Founding attorney John A. Patti has decades of experience and has made the Super Lawyers list for eight straight years dating to 2012.

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