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No One Wins In A Domestic Violence Situation

Whether you are a victim of domestic violence or accused of this crime, you need a skilled and competent attorney who can protect you and your rights. Our team at Patti Family Law in New Jersey’s Monmouth County understands the seriousness of this situation, especially if you a victim or have been falsely accused and face an extreme risk protection order (ERPO).

The legal system can be complicated, intimidating and filled with uncertainties. For nearly 30 years, attorney John A. Patti has represented clients throughout the Jersey Shore, guiding them, protecting them and working to the best of his abilities. Experienced, compassionate and aggressive, he advocates for all clients to achieve the best results.

Protecting Victims Of Domestic Violence

As a victim of domestic violence, you are weary of the harassment and abuse from a spouse or family member. You are in danger and need protection. Mr. Patti and his team focus on your safety and will pursue a domestic violence protection order or restraining order, getting the assailant banned from your home, while limiting his or her contact with your children. We can also order the assailant to have no contact with you and confiscate his or her guns.

A restraining order can be implemented even if the victim has not been physically harmed. Harassment and threats are proof enough to get this order in place. Don’t forget this. We know that your family is going through a difficult time. The guidance from an empathetic, knowledgeable and effective attorney can help you overcome this situation.

Providing Representation For The Accused

Fighting a domestic charge is an uphill battle, but it can be done. In our experience, many incidents of false charges are initiated by a vengeful spouse who wants to gain an upper hand in child custody matters or with shared property.

In extreme cases of domestic violence accusations, you may face an extreme risk protection order (ERPO). This is issued when a person is considered harmful and dangerous to themselves or others, resulting in the temporary removal of their guns and preventing them from buying firearms. We will help you fight these charges and help you obtain counseling services while defending your reputation.

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Domestic violence taints everything that surrounds it. Victims and their families need protection, and our legal team will provide it. Also, people accused of the crime need someone to represent them. Patti Family Law in New Jersey’s Monmouth County has nearly 30 years of legal experience.

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