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A Business Can Survive A Divorce. Let Us Help.

Building your business was an important milestone, but now that you are in the midst of a divorce, its future may be in jeopardy. What will happen to your business? The first thing you must remember is that any asset accumulated during a marriage is considered marital property. This would include your business, even if you started the company before the marriage.

If your business increased in value during your marriage, your separated spouse is entitled to a portion of that amount. We know you will have many questions about the status of your business and the legal options you may have. Patti Family Law in New Jersey’s Monmouth County has the experience and ability to help. Our firm is led by attorney John A. Patti, who has practiced law for nearly 30 years.

Providing Practical, Beneficial Advice

Mr. Patti and his team can guide you as you consider the future of your business. Right away, we will work with business experts and accountants in determining a fair valuation of your business. Options leading to a solution may include:

  • Retaining exclusive ownership of the business. You may be able to do this by offering other assets to your soon-to-be former spouse. Those assets may include additional funds from retirement accounts, pensions, stock investments or real estate.
  • Buying out your business partner/spouse. This may require extra financial maneuvering on your part, but it can be done.
  • Selling the business. In some cases, this may be the most practical option, especially when the spouses are in a heated divorce.

We understand family law, divorce, business and difficult situations. Mr. Patti is a seasoned attorney, primarily representing clients in Monmouth and Ocean counties. He also is well-respected by his peers, having made the Super Lawyers list for eight consecutive years since 2012.

Helping Business Owners. Call Now.

A divorce doesn’t have to mean the end of your business. Splitting with your spouse will affect certain aspects of it, but a skilled family law and business attorney will let you know what the best options are. Patti Family Law in Monmouth County is an attentive, no-nonsense law firm, guiding clients along the Jersey Shore. We guide clients while advocating for business owners.

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