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How We Can Help You Get The Spousal Support You Deserve

You may have given up a solid career to raise your family, and your life is going well until your high-earning spouse wants a divorce. There are so many things rushing through your head. You’re worried about your children and wonder how your spouse’s departure also will affect your life financially.

At Patti Family Law in New Jersey’s Monmouth County, we will help you secure the spousal support you deserve and help you understand the details of how much you receive, and, for the other party, how much they must pay. As a skilled negotiator and trial-tested attorney, our founder, John A. Patti, relies on nearly 30 years of legal experience to help clients along the Jersey Shore.

Making Sure You Are Not At A Disadvantage

Spousal support or alimony may be ordered for a few reasons. For example, the recipient may need the money to develop job skills in order to support himself or herself. Or, in cases such as high-asset divorce, spousal support may be needed by the recipient to maintain the standard of living during the marriage.

Judges consider many things when awarding alimony, and they may include:

  • The income and earnings of each spouse
  • The length of the marriage
  • The couple’s standard of living while married
  • The financial portfolio and investments each person brought into the marriage
  • The needs of each spouse in relation to age, physical and mental health as well as financial capabilities
  • The time it will take for the recipient to complete training and education to become financially self-sufficient

Alimony will be ordered only as long as it is necessary for the recipient to undergo job-training and become self-supportive. And it typically ends upon the remarriage of the recipient. Whether you will receive or pay alimony, Mr. Patti will advocate for you. He wants to make sure a fair settlement gets implemented.

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When couples part, one person in the relationship may find himself or herself at an unfair economic advantage. This is when spousal support comes into the picture. If you qualify for spousal support or are expected to pay spousal support, Patti Family Law in New Jersey’s Monmouth County will represent you.

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