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Defending You Against Extreme Risk Protection Orders

Accusations of domestic violence sometimes surface in divorce cases. A spouse may be removed from the home, ordered not to have contact with the other spouse and see their time with the children shrink drastically. In extreme cases, the threat of firearm-related dangers may emerge, and authorities and family members may seek an extreme risk protection order (ERPO).

Such orders are issued if a person is considered a danger to themselves and others. The result: Their firearms are temporarily removed, and they have no access to them. If you face the threat of an ERPO in New Jersey’s Monmouth, Middlesex or Ocean counties, Patti Family Law will advocate for you and:

  • Contest the allegations
  • Lead a thorough investigation, obtaining statements from witnesses along with police reports and records of 911 calls
  • Pursue legal action to get the petition denied
  • Guide clients in presenting testimony and evidence in your favor
  • Show the court why you do not pose a significant risk to yourself or others when in possession of a firearm and ammunition
  • Dispute evidence if the allegations are false

If an ERPO has been issued, we will do our best to get it rescinded and contest any attempt to extend it. We also will attempt to prevent the firearms from being destroyed.

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With nearly 30 years of legal experience, founding attorney John A. Patti is a knowledgeable and effective advocate, negotiator and litigator. Through the years, he has represented many people along the Jersey Shore, negotiating and litigating on their behalf.

Today, he handles many family law matters, including those involving ERPOs.

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